Meet The Staff


Treatment Coordinator

Hi, I’m Nichole! I have been a treatment coordinator in the Portland area for 15 years. I love getting to know patients and their families from starting treatment to finishing at the end with a beautiful smile. I live in Gresham with my husband, dog and three cats, and have 2 grown boys. In my spare time I love to be outdoors, camping, hiking, and dirt biking. Oh, and GO 49ERS!


Scheduling Coordinator

Hello, I’m Tammie! I have worked at Sunnyside Orthodontics for 19 years, watching our patients grow up and achieve beautiful smiles. The best part of my day begins with our families that walk through our door. Our patients are greeted with a warm friendly smile, following their visit, I set up appointments to fit conveniently into their busy lives. It is such an enjoyable experience to get to know our patients and to watch their confidence improve as their teeth straighten into a stunning smile that they can be proud of for a lifetime. I am married with three children, and enjoy spending time with my grandchildren. and I have double doodle named Daisy. In my free time I love to travel, bike, hike, garden, knit and craft.


Scheduling & Marketing Coordinator

Hi! I’m Noelle! I am Dr. Brown’s daughter, and have grown up in this office since he took over the practice in 2003. I worked in the back throughout high school sterilizing instruments, working in the lab and helping Tammie schedule appointments, and now I’m back as Tammie’s sidekick as another scheduling coordinator. I’ve grown up around the world of orthodontics and love everything about working with my dad and watching him transform patient smiles! I live in Canby with my husband, daughter and two cats, and in my spare time I love to camp in our RV, travel, wakesurf, snowski, and work in my vegetable garden.


Financial Coordinator

Hi there, I’m Susie! I’ve been a financial coordinator in orthodontics since 2003. My journey is a unique one, I worked at Sunnyside Orthodontics for 6 years, then worked at Dr Brown’s old office in SE Portland for 12 years for his former partner, and now I’ve found myself back here again! I enjoy getting to know patient families and watching smiles transform over treatment. I live in Oregon City with my husband, and in my spare time I love to travel, camp in our RV, read, and spend time with my 5 grandchildren.


Orthodontic Assistant

Hi, I’m Lyndsay. I am an orthodontic assistant who loves to create beautiful smiles chairside with Dr. Brown, and I’ve been assisting since 2003. I really enjoy the relationships we build in our practice and the interaction I have with our patients, thus making their visit a fun, positive experience. My goal is to have our patients feel cared for and at ease by explaining what we have planned for their appointment before we even get started. I am married and have 3 children. Outside of work, I enjoy watching my kid’s sports activities and competitions. My hobbies are dirt biking, wakeboarding, snowboarding and camping.


Orthodontic Assistant

Hi, I’m Lisa! I’ve been working at Sunnyside Orthodontics for a couple years now. I have been an orthodontic technician for 4 years. I love meeting new patients and getting to know their families! I love llamas, sneakers, dogs, and I am a huge foodie! I live with my Husband and my dog in Portland.


Orthodontic Assistant

Hi, I’m Mel! I’ve been working as an orthodontic technician for 29 years. While I love everything about this field, my favorite part is seeing the new confidence that develops in each patient as their smile gets straighter. I love to be outdoors, camping, and traveling. I live nearby with my two cats, and have two grown sons and two grown up exchange students who live in Brazil.


Orthodontic Assistant

Hi, I’m Becky and I’ve worked at Sunnyside Orthodontics for a couple of years now. I have been an orthodontic technician for 14 years in the area. I love seeing the transformation our patients go through into a beautiful, straight smile at the end of their treatment! I live in Estacada with my husband, three children, two dogs and a cat. I enjoy camping and raising pigs with my kids in my spare time.


Orthodontic Assistant

Hi, I’m Karissa. I recently moved to the area from Nebraska! I’ve been an orthodontic assistant for 6 years. My favorite part about working in the orthodontic field is watching how all of our patients’ smiles transform. I enjoy baking and camping, and live with my boyfriend and cat in the area.


Orthodontic Assistant

Hi, I’m Nikki. I have worked as an orthodontic technician for 27 years in several offices around the Portland area. I’ve worked off and on with Dr Brown for over 11 years. I love working on smiles and seeing how they evolve into straight teeth, it’s so rewarding! I live in Gladstone with my husband, 2 Boston terriers, 5 goats and chickens.


Sterilization Technician

Hi, I’m Cadence. I am new to the dental field, working as a sterilization technician here at Sunnyside Orthodontics. I like learning and watching the entire process of straightening teeth. In my free time, I enjoy drawing, being outdoors, hanging with friends and going out to eat. I live nearby with my family and two cats, a dog, and a hamster.