Meet the Doctors

Dr. Brown Sunnyside Orthodontics in Clackamas, OR

Meet Dr. Michael Brown

I am so proud to be a part of the orthodontic profession. I’ve been practicing for 30 years, and dedicating my life’s work to help others improve their self-image and confidence constantly motivates me to do the very best for my patients every day. I continue education in the latest orthodontic technologies in order to provide the best service to patients and their families to help achieve beautiful smiles!

Dr. Jonathan Sunnyside Orthodontics in Clackamas, OR

Meet Dr. Jonathan Yih

I recently joined Sunnyside Orthodontics in May of 2022. It has been absolutely incredible getting to work with everyone and become a part of the community. I’ve been practicing orthodontics for 5 years. and I can honestly say that practicing orthodontics provides a lot of fun and fulfillment every single day. I feel everyone has an amazing smile within themselves, and I love to help people let their smile shine!