Invisalign for Adults and Teens in Clackamas, OR

Invisalign uses high-tech, 3-D computer models of your teeth along with the treatment plan of Dr. Michael Brown and Dr. Jonathan Yih to create a series of aligners to move your teeth into the correct position. Invisalign aligners give you the ultimate freedom. Freedom to eat whatever you want, freedom to brush and floss normally – and freedom to go through treatment without anyone knowing. Plus, you can even take the aligners out when needed!

Invisalign® is a great solution for many people, and Sunnyside Orthodontics have created beautiful smiles for hundreds of people in the area who wanted a comfortable and esthetic way to straighten their teeth.  Contact us to schedule a consultation to determine if Invisalign is right for you!

Invisalign Video Sunnyside Orthodontics in Clackamas, OR

The Benefits of the Invisalign® System

  • Look like yourself during treatment! No reason to be hesitant or uncomfortable during social situations, selfies or class pictures. No one will know you’re wearing Invisalign aligners, unless of course – you tell them!
  • Great for student-athletes
  • No added risk of injury during contact sports
  • More comfortable treatment
  • Better oral hygiene – take your aligners out when you brush and floss
  • Eat whatever you want – though we recommend sugary foods very sparingly!
  • 30% fewer office visits

Invisalign for Kids

Invisalign First is an aligner program designed for a positive treatment experience for younger children who are eligible for orthodontic treatment. It is formulated to address the unique needs of growing children- aligning their teeth while expanding their arches and making room for existing teeth and incoming permanent teeth.

Removable aligners mean there’s very little interruption to your child’s life and the foods they love. Plus, the aligners are specifically designed to fit smaller teeth and with space to accommodate teeth that are growing in. As they progress through their treatment, you’ll see their smile transform through a series of small, expertly designed shifts calculated for how little teeth should move.

Cost of Invisalign

Improving your smile is a great investment in yourself! Invisalign can help straighten your teeth and give you a confident smile. The cost of Invisalign depends on how severe your teeth issues are, how long the treatment will last and the doctor’s prescription. We want to make Invisalign affordable to everyone with low payment options, free extended monthly payments, credit card payments, and various payment arrangements.

Get Started with a Free Consultation

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